Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The GOP Soul Search Continues Back in Georgia

Even the rank and file conservatives are tired of the shenanigans. This post a Peach Pundit is a laundry list of things that are going wrong. Hopefully, the fight for the soul of the GOP will be won by cats like Icarus rather than the powers that be.

He doesn't narrow his criticism solely to the GOP, however, and reminds us how we got here. (Tell me if any of this sounds familiar, New Orleans....)

Because we have the Voting Rights Act to protect us. Oh sure, we all love to talk about how evil it is, but let’s be honest; Partisans love it. It makes sure that we don’t have any of those squishy, pragmatic types. You know, the ones who make an honest attempt at governing, with real issues and real voters in mind. No, God no, we don’t need anyone around like that. We need to make sure that the worst of the worst, the extremes of each party are protected. We need people who will either promise to start work on reparations, or to start another secessionist movement. We need people who will provide earned income tax credits for each abortion, or who will force any woman with an unoccupied uterus to accept a newly liberated embryo from a fertility clinic. We need to elect people who vow to remove all references to God from public view, or who will promise to submit all proposed legislation to the Southern Baptist Convention before filing a bill in the House or Senate.
Let’s keep talking about manufactured events of racism/reverse racism, while the General Assembly tries to shift even more of the tax burden to the middle class. Our elected officials aren’t nearly as dumb as we would like to think they are. They’re just hoping we continue to remain as dumb as they think we are.

(Psst, I love it when someone talks about how our current system of district drawing is one of the roots of our political impasse. While our cultural political problems are primarily holding us back, drawing our districts the way we do only keeps the problems systematic.)



Leigh C. said...

Oh hell, damn near everything is always skewed towards the LCD. It's why there was an EXACT listing of all the things that were not allowed on Houston Independent School District property in the district's handbook: seeing "cattle prod" in such a list let you know some dim bulb had tried it. No great brains are needed to tell you why toothpicks have directions for usage on 'em.

Sad, really.

Dante said...

That's an awfully short laundry list.

1. "hope he fails" comment == Bad
2. Blocking Obama Resolution == Bad
3. New automobile transfer tax == Bad.

That's 3 things, Pat. That's not even a whole outfit! Do you not wear socks or are you going commando?

Besides, as much as you may not like it, there is no "soul search" in GA. Look at the numbers. Georgia is one of the most solid Republican-backing states in the Union. It's almost an East Coast Utah from a Party perspective.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

@ Dante: You read that post and only came away with three things?

1. Fail comment = counterproductive,
2. Talk radio driven by ratings and created controversey = bad,
3. Following Rush = dooms GOP to failure,
4. GOP = fired for cause,
5. GOP = intellectual bankruptcy,
6. Dittohead as badge of honor = bad,
7. Offering no ideas = bad,*
8. Treasonous to point out flaws, contradictions & ulterior motives of Rush? = bad,
9. GOP selling out to K Street = bad,
10. GOP politics over GOP solving problems = bad,
11. Obama resolution = distracting,
12. False outrage & race baiting = bad & distracting,
13. New Auto Tax = GOP raising taxes,
14. GOP out of touch with middle class = bad,
15. Partisan hackery = bad,
16. Districts that reward partisan hackery = bad,
17. Diversion & obfuscation = bad,
18. Manufactured controversey = bad,
19. GOP moving tax burden to middle class = bad.

Sounds like the laundry pile is ready for cleanin'.

* In 2004, many Democrats complained that the party's only ideas were "vote for us, we aren't Republcians." I never thought that line would work until 2006.