Saturday, March 07, 2009

High Praise

With all the negative publicity generated for New Orleans by our city government, we must never forget to take a breath and remember how many people are walking the walk and working hard on the recovery of this city. One individual, in particular, stands out for his tireless work rebuilding the Lower 9th Ward. Through his continued actions, evidenced in the houses built and the people back in homes, he has proven his dedication to a worthy cause.

Cliff reminds us of this, and nominates actor Brad Pitt for New Orleans' city spokesman. This is a fantastic idea from a fantastic post that you shoudl take the time to read.

Maybe we can have a Brad Pitt day down at City Hall and give him a second line parade or something. We should be able to get that done as long as it doesn't require emails, trash pickup, city take home vehicles or any cameras.

True enough.


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