Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meanwhile, Back in the Empire....

One of the few places left where the GOP can go ahead and enjoy one-party-rule is Georgia. So, if you want to see what you'd be getting if the 2008 elections had gone another way, all you have to do is look over yonder. JMac has the appropriate round-up here, with some explanation.

This also shows you the true plans behind the "Fair Tax" ideology movement (no income or payroll taxes, only sales taxes): placing caps on how much sales tax is paid when the sales tax might be applied to super-luxury items.

They've also decided NOT to allow localities to decide for themselves the issue of Sunday alcohol sales.


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Dante said...

The car thing is a bad idea. The vast vast vast vast majority of new car buyers trade in their old car. In Georgia you subtract what they're offering for your trade-in from the total before figuring in taxes, rebates, and what you owe on your trade and tax that. So if your vehicle was worth $11,000 on trade for a $20,000 vehicle, you'd pay tax on $9,000. What's doubly sneaky is that car dealers sure aren't going to say a word about the 7% you'll owe to the DMV when you try to get your tags.

Bust aside from that, this guy is whining about Georgia Power raising rates to pay for a new nuclear plant and the state cutting taxes more or less across the board. Oh the horror... Forgive me if I'd prefer one stupid tax, a raise in power rates to build our electricity infrastructure, and a few tax cuts to a multi-trillion dollar spending bill that will accomplish exactly nothing.