Sunday, March 15, 2009


Or, how not to call out Republicans for being earmark hogs.

Knowing that the GOP packed 40% of the earmarks into the Omnibus Spending bill, I was excited to read the tagline and the first few paragraphs of this article in Slate, that reminded readers that of the top ten earmark hogs, 6 are Republicans.

Then I read who they were, what states they represented, and applied a little common sense to the equation.

It appears that both Senators from Mississippi, Louisiana and Iowa made the top ten. Both Louisiana and Iowa have split Senate seats (1 Dem/1 GOP). Alabama and Missouri also made the list.

Can anyone name some reasons that the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Iowa and Missouri might try to pack some projects into a Congressional spending bill? Anyone, anyone? Bueller? Maybe this could refresh some memories.... See a pattern, here?

I wonder where Texas shows up on the earmarks list?


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Dante said...

It's not going to matter. Republicans have already won the hearts and minds as far as omnibus spending bills are concerned. Government spending == Obama and Democrats. Amazing from a party whose free-spending ways was a major factor in them being very recently ousted from power.

In fact, I'll bet you a million dollars that any Republican response to such entirely true accusations will focus on Obama's "scalpel" when it comes to spending and his promise to cut out ALL earmarks. And it'll work because as I mentioned earlier, Obama owns this bill.