Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Protect and Serve My Shiny Metal Ass

I'm getting a little sick of police being in the business of income generation. I thought they were supposed to be there to protect and serve but that's really just a sick joke. The City of Snellville has recently stopped operation of their red light cameras. Was it because of the ethical dilemma or a legal battle? No. It's because they're not making money. So the red light cameras are being shut off because they're doing what they told us they were supposed to do: reduce the number of people running red lights. This is almost as bad as politicians complaining that the tax revenue gained from taxing the crap out of tobacco sales went down because people actually quit smoking. Oh noes! You thought you'd get some quick cash by claiming to deter people from doing something. But then your plan backfired because you actually achieved your stated purpose. In the words of Quahog reporter Tom Tucker: "Fornicate yourself. Fornicate yourself with a stick."

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