Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Found the Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters!

Pat tried to convince us it didn't exist by talking as if it did exist. For years we fell for the double-bluff but no more. They hid the Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters in the least obvious of all places: a listerve. Brilliant! Who the hell has even heard of a listserve these days? That's almost as smart as hiding in the gopher protocol. Limbaugh was wrong. They don't repeat each other's ideas from what they hear at cocktail parties. They get their groupthink emailed to them. (At least it's a peer-based system.)


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Yup. You got me. You caught the 'Tater. Guess you can take those roadblocks down now.

This listserv has actually been around since early 1998. It was created by Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters in a technological response to the 1994 revolution. What started as a bunch of cats emailing each other plans for world domination turned into long, drawn out, wonky policy discussions that filled up email inboxes.

Plus, maintaining side conversations was a bitch. You know how embarassed some folks are by accidentally hitting the "reply all" button? Yeah. It was like that, but much, much more shrill and whiny.

So we had to start a listserv to keep up with everything, but even that was too small to keep up. Starting JournoList was the response to too many media types being involved. We made them go and get their own list so they could keep their typos, half-hearted 'reform' ideas and sweeping generalizations to themselves.

patsbrother said...

I'm particularly fond of this little quote.

"In an e-mail, Klein said he understands that the JList’s off-the-record rule 'makes it seems secretive.' But... "

Just imagine how this might play out in other settings!

In other news, President Obama said he understands that the sheer number of digits involved in his proposed deficit "make his proposals seem expensive. But..."