Monday, March 30, 2009

White House Calling the Shots at GM

Over the weekend the White House has announced that all your automakers are belong to us! You have no move. Make your time. They're forcing General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner to resign. The White House is already tugging on the strings they've woven. Too big to fail my ass! Our executive branch now controls one of the United States' largest businesses. Rick Wagoner claimed that the White House would leave GM in Detroit under his supervision. The White House responded to Wagoner with, "We are altering the deal. Pray we do not alter it further."

I don't have a photo of Rick Wagoner on file but I do have one of TV's Lyle Waggoner so it'll have to do.

We also have a shot of the conversation between the White House and GM:

For great justice...


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

No, not all your automakers, just the ones who demand taxpayer money because they can't seem to do their damn jobs while getting paid their millions.

Please see also: Ford.

Wooten at the calls this the first step towards statism. I say we took that step in the long ago when we started offering the first subsidies. What we see now is the ideological result.

Wooten's money quote: "Waggoner is not the problem."

You know how tired I am of folks saying "the person in charge is not to blame for the catastrophic failure." WTF? This guy ran. The. Company. He couldn't make appropriate changes to even save his own job? See ya. We don't have time to let this asshat sit in an office twiddling thumbs waiting for the next big thing.

And we won't even mention that one of the main reason the White House did this was because GM didn't get enough labor concessions. That's right, but you won't hear anyone to my right say it: the Obama WH just told the unions to StepTFU or lose their industry. Sorry, kids, it is pay to play time.

And, after suffering through 8 years of VP Dick Cheney, it takes balls to call the current WH "Darth Vader." + 1 for the balls, + 1 for the quote.

You must be channeling the same thing as as the genius who came up with this. HT: DADvocate.

Ju said...

Hopeless: Fights are breaking out over Michigan in response to layoffs spurned by Obama's choice for bankruptcy above all other options. Watch video:

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

"Obama's choice for bankruptcy???"

No, this is the company that has chosen not to innovate, the bosses who have chosen not to be competitive, and the workers who have chosen crappy union representation unrestrained by reality.

It ain't up to the rest of us to buy cars we don't want so these people can keep making money. We sucked it up, gave GM a bailout, and the bosses decided they would rather not be in business and the unions decided they would rather not have jobs.

We want those cats to have good jobs and to make good cars, we really do. I'm just not sure more money for the same failed business plan will do either.

Dante said...

"I say we took that step in the long ago when we started offering the first subsidies. What we see now is the ideological result."

No, up until now the US government has kept a pretty strict lender/borrower relationship with Detroit. Money was loaned on the condition of seeing their business plans. If the business plans didn't pass muster, there was no deal. Lenders don't tell companies who to hire and fire. Lenders don't dictate where borrowers should direct their research. Lenders don't run the borrowing company. What just happened is a very significant departure from how we were handling the bailout.