Thursday, April 16, 2009

Death Taxes

No, not "death and taxes," but "Death Taxes" like the political rhetoric.

Watching the tea parties on every news channel and website yesterday (so much for the liberal media not covering the story) and listening to the song "Shutting Detroit Down" over and over on the radio, I'm paying close attention today to talking points that don't make much sense as anything other than political rhetoric or good, symbolic copy.

I mean, I'm not sure what to think when seeing thousands of people go into the streets to protest high taxes during the first year I got a significant tax break - and the whole while they seem to be indicating that people like me are dirty social engineers with treasonous communist leanings and general anti-American sentiment. I thought that kind of talk was sooo last 8 years.

So my eyes perked up when scanning the news on my lunch-break, and coming across an article that specifically examines rhetoric surrounding the Estate Tax/Death Tax, and some of the numbers behind the words.


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