Monday, April 20, 2009

Kill Them Back

We may not use it. Hell, we may not even get a conviction. But for whoever did this, the death penalty is the only result that comes close to justice.

Enough is enough. When are we marching again? We obviously weren't loud enough last time.



patsbrother said...

I'm generally all for the death penalty for anyone who kidnaps and kills.

I'm commenting here merely out of curiosity.

I get the feeling you're singling out this crime, whereas you wouldn't call for capital punishment in the general course of events. If I am correct, and you wouldn't call for capital punishment of such crimes as a matter of course, what is it about this particular crime that has you riled up?

(Or, am I wrong, and you've turned a decided corner on the issue of capital punishment?)

alli said...

I want to march, too. I wept for these kids today. They must have been so goddamn terrified.

I don't want to execute the perpetrators, though. We have supermax prisons for a reason and vengeance won't bring them back and it won't deter the next one, no matter how much we hope it might.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

@ Sprout: No, I'm generally a death penalty supporter. Especially for the really heinous crimes like this one. Whenever I do have a problem, it has to do with professionalism in prosecution, defense and evidence processing. If the system works, and "beyond a reasonable doubt" is proven, I'll throw the switch if they need a volunteer.

@ Alli: It ain't about vengence to bring the victims back or detering the next one. It is a cold calculation of responding to someone's choice of behavior with a responding behavior. It is also about taking vengence out of the hands of the victim's families and putting it into the hands of a third party arbiter.

Which is a good thing. Because my initial gut check, emotional reaction was to bring in the CIA SERE experts to wipe that defiant look off the suspect's face.

And didn't even know the victims.

patsbrother said...

Yea, agreement!