Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Marching Orders

from Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters

Glenn Beck got the memo folks. We have a leak at Headquarters. They know what we plan to do. Here's how I know:

Yesterday, I'm driving from Athens to New Orleans and this generally gives me a good selection of old country and bluegrass songs on the radio. Unfortunately, scrolling through the stations landed me on the Glenn Beck station.

I thought Glenn has made some OK points in the past. I generally give credit where credit is due to folks on the right who use logic and common sense to make their points.

But, after listening on Monday, it sounds like ol' Glenn has lost his mind. I reckon if I'm disappointed in the Obama administration so far, that feeling is amplified into mental breaks from reality to those on my right.

For those of you who don't know, tomorrow is "Tea Party Day". Now, if the tea parties were just about taxes and spending, that'd be one thing. I think most Americans are taxed too highly, and that our current spending patterns are terribly inefficient. And if I think that, the folks who want to privatize police, schools and infrastructure must think we live under absolute tyranny.

But even Beck mentioned that these events aren't about taxes and spending, and that to let them be labeled as such would be a failure.

Because folks might look at the events and say "my taxes haven't gone up." (Disclaimer, I finally got a tax break this year.) No, Glenn says, these events have to be about where the country is going and liberty and freedom.

(Didn't I hear that same thing from a bunch of hairy, patchouli smelling protesters for the last 8 years?)

He spent most of the show telling listeners that they would have to be careful during the tea parties, because the media and the liberals will be out to discredit the events. As a matter of fact, and delving into the deep psychoses of the right wing conspiracy-theorist's mind, Beck mentioned that activists from the other side would show up and attend these events, pretending to be participants, planning to embarass the real participants by saying and doing unreasonable things. Then, they will get those embarassing moments on camera.

They point to this article at the Huffington Post as 'evidence,' because it involves the phrase "you will be contacted with further instructions." So, Beck & co are upset that liberals have marching orders to cover an event that Beck & co has said the liberals don't want covered.

And they've now disclaimed any of the real crazies that may be at these events, who get pictures put on the news. If the media does show any of these folks embarassing themselves, Beck & co can say "we told you so."

All because Beck & co are worried about being portrayed as lunatics. That's heady talk when Glenn's radio show is sponsored by so many reality-based organizations.

I made mention in front of several Athens conservatives that, even if the election had gone the other way, we'd still have stimulus packages and bailouts and earmarks. I'd put more stock in the tea party "movement" if they had shown up sometime in the last 8 years. I'd put more stock in these folks if they had gone out and joined their local political parties and ratcheted down the tomfoolery, and then kept involved to clean up their localities first. But they didn't.

And now, here they are.



Dante said...

"I made mention in front of several Athens conservatives that, even if the election had gone the other way, we'd still have stimulus packages and bailouts and earmarks."

For a long time fiscal conservatives backed Republicans because even though Republicans liked to spend, we figured spending would be worse under Democratic leadership. This election, most of us figured it couldn't get any worse than what Republicans were already doing. We were wrong. Yes, bailouts and stimulus would still be happening if McCain won the election, but it wouldn't have been as bad especially with Commander Tightwad having the power trip of a shiny Veto stamp.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

"Yes, bailouts and stimulus would still be happening...but it wouldn't have been as bad."

My gut reaction is to say "suuure it wouldn't have been as bad." I'm sure McCain never, ever voted for a government spending increase in his life. Or when he did, they were only tiny, necessary increases that were heavily scrutinized to be as efficient as possible.

Riiiiighht.But then I got to thinking about the "as bad" part.

For me, it is never how much the government "spends," rather how much "return on investment" we get in the forms of bridges, levees, roads, schools and power grids - and how well those things work.

We always complain about "how much" but we never really look at "how effective" that spending is. This is true of Democrats and Republicans.

DADvocate said...

I won't try to predict whether or not it would have been worse or as bad if McCain had been elected, but it's hard to imagine. I agree Beck seems to have lost his mind. I watched a few minutes of him on TV and he kept breaking down into tears. I watch little TV news, I prefer to read and avoid all the dramatics you get on almost any TV news.

BTW - we had a turn out of over 5,000 today in Cincinnati.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

My Dad, who is fairly conservative, told me he's had to stop watching Fox News because of Beck and Hannity jumping off the deep end lately.

You'd think these guys would have an easy time just reporting stuff without the hysterics. I used to point to them as examples of why liberals seem out-of-touch. No longer.

5000 is a lot of folks. But we put more than that into the streets of a much smaller city during the New Orleans March Against Crime in January of 2007. You can peruse the crime section of NOLA.com if you'd like to see how well that worked out for us.

I'm hoping the folks who went to the tea rallies today will follow up on their exhibitionism by joining their local parties and working to make their communities better places.

While I'm sure many of the attendees will never consider me anything more than a communist, I can only hope that those folks who do stay involved will get to see how politics fail us on all sides, and work to make what money government spends more effective.