Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Republican Savior

Now that we've seen that Sarah Palin is unable to deal with such intimidating reporters like Katie Couric; now that we've seen an angry Mt. Redoubt refuting Bobby Jindal's contention that volcano monitoring is a waste of government money; now that we've seen GOP chair Michael Steele stop doing TV interviews in fear of pissing off Rush Limbaugh; now that even Newt is trying to dust himself off and become relevant again; Republicans are looking for a proven leader with winning track record to take the helm of their party and push back against their rivals.

That their new savior comes from Florida, a swing state no less, is just as important as his saturating nationwide name recognition. The only drawback is how long they will have to wait for him to qualify to run for high office, but that's OK - they're thinking longterm game plan here.

Ladies and gentlemen, your new Republican savior Tim Tebow. The best chance to turn Georgia blue since Zell Miller left office.


happy 4/1/09

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