Friday, May 08, 2009

Required Reading for Liberals

It is about what you're doing wrong, which is still a lot, actually.

This was such a good post, I'm just going send you over that way to take a look.

And this link is also worth following and spending the time on, as it relates perceptions and history of populism as it relates to the major political parties.



Dante said...

This bailout just goes to show you how beholden the Democrats are to the UAW. How on earth does the party of the little guy get caught up keeping big business in business by giving them taxpayer money? (In case you missed the latest, Chrysler no longer has to pay back its bailout money per its bankruptcy agreement.) The party whose rank and file is largely against the idea of massive mega-corporations is propping up those mega-corps now that they're on the brink of collapse. It's a good thing the new car smell hasn't worn off Obama yet.

It all comes down to what a party claims to believe versus who they really are. For a long time, Democrats got away with comparing their ideals to the Republicans' actions. Now the tide has turned in a massive way. Democrats have the driver's seat but part of the price they'll pay is that their actions will have to be compared to conservative ideals. Democrats would do well to stop this "too big to fail" nonsense before some of the AFLCIO member groups decide their industry needs bailing out.

DADvocate said...

Excellent post at Library Chronicles. The Democrats are proving themselves to be anything but the party of the little man.

John Emerson said...

Lumping the UAW and the AFL-CIO in with the credit card companies is just loony (or libertarian, which amounts to the same thing). The Democrats need to be FAR less responsive to finance, and more responsive to unions. Keeping an employer alive makes a lot more sense than keeping a lot of millionaires and billionaires rich.