Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wreckin' the Hustle

Just to point out a little bit of change we can believe in, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu decided to recommend the retention of US Attorney Jim Letten. I'm wondering how this decision - based on competency and law-and-order - fits into the right wing narrative of teh ebil Democrats restricting liberty and freedom and happyness.

Good results should be rewarded, and Letten has now done such an outstanding job, he's kept his job. Twice (He wasn't political enough to be Bush's first choice). This is in opposition to many, many voices who - in the name of progressivism on one hand and politics on the other - demanded Landrieu recommend a Democrat for the slot. She listened to her real constituents and their resounding approval of Letten's work.

Cliff explains why better than I can.

Maybe if the GOP had taken a page out of Letten's playbook and focused on competence and effectiveness for the last 8 years, they wouldn't find themselves in pizza parlors trying to rebrand their image.


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