Tuesday, July 28, 2009

About the Conflict Part

Quick overview:

Here's a major public-funded project designed to inspire private investment, create jobs, diversify the economy and develop a civic asset for public use. It is a project that could bring people and business to an underutilized but vital part of a city. The project is tied to a geographic feature and cannot be created elsewhere.

The planner of the project, and his father, buy property near and inside the projected areas in the hope that the civic project will increase the value of such holdings. Some of these properties were already highly valued.

In this city, such projects are rarely completed.

Is that a conflict of interest? If so, did the planner act improperly? If improper, is it also illegal? It makes me wonder about the nature of corruption.

While it would be awesome if everyone did their jobs based on altruism and work ethic, how far is too far when it comes to major civic projects? Especially if the project is highly publicized?

And, in a place where many projects never make it off the drawing board, is having a planner vested in the project's completion a good thing?

I guess it depends on the project, and if you think it will benefit the community.


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