Thursday, July 16, 2009


If they could promote (and bother to try to pass) conservative legislation as well as they can attack opposing legislation more Republicans would still hold office. As soon as I saw this chart on Drudge I backed off my opinion that a public option health insurance program is inevitable. This could be big if they play it right. Pat is probably grumbling right now that the current model isn't much less complicated and he would be right. But that doesn't really matter. Big scary chart wins. Nothing strikes fear in the heart of the general populace like having to deal with a bureaucracy. They just charted out two (government and insurance companies).

There's really no defensive maneuver here. You could show the current system on a similar chart and it would be a mess, but it can't be as complicated because at best it's a subset of this chart. You could clean up this chart considerably but it would still be complicated so it wouldn't really accomplish anything. A good followup for Republicans would be to propose a plan that is less complicated and chart it. It would have no chance of passage even if it got to a vote but it would seriously impact the odds of the current health care reform passing.

I'm still not convinced the public option can be stopped but at least Republicans are working their defense and doing it well.

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

+1 Dante. Let us not forget that the GOP had roughly between 1994 and 2008 to direct legislative policy.

And don't underestimate the ability of Democrats to help the GOP attack legislation by making it far too complicated. My grumbling will come from the complexity of the House version, that will then be watered down in the Senate.

Giving us a watered down complexity as opposed to a really effective and efficient program.

Good chart for its purposes. It is too bad all the marketers are on the GOP side of the aisle. The chart for our current system would be awesome to see (though will have less power to persuade as a johnny-come-lately).