Wednesday, July 15, 2009

GOP for Nagin

Yes, yes!! This is exactly what the GOP needs right now.

Defending the new (38 Years) Young Republican president from charges of racism by demonstrating that "she led the GOP effort to re-elect Ray Nagin (sic) over Mitch Landrieu, "Chocolate City" comments notwithstanding."

Way to put your party at the crossroads where racism meets really shitty government.

I guess now I have a very specific answer to the "how in the world did y'all re-elect Nagin?" question I always get when I visit the home state.

(Y'all remember us folks from Georgia, right? We're the ones who loudly and roundly booed both UGA President Michael Adams AND New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin at the 2008 Sugar Bowl.)

That I can quote a respected conservative writer from a very respected (and majority conservative) Georgia political website ain't nothin' but gravy.

And everybody loves gravy.

Tip of the hat to Oyster, the "whiny liberal" who has been a leading illuminator of GOP support for Nagin all along.


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