Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marketing Fear

One thing I think of when I hear people discussing Health Care Reform is an old quote by Richard Jeni. He was musing about the capabilities of cigarette marketers when he said "these guys are so good at what they do, they now have the balls to tell you NOT to buy what they're selling."

That's what I thought of while reading Richard Cohen's op-ed in the Washington Post. (HT: Jmac at Beyond the Trestle) Those who don't want reform try to scare us with descriptions of the system we currently have. No wonder they're experts on what will happen. It ain't too far removed from what is already happening.

The money quote:

This means that whenever someone says something about "government bureaucrats," I smile because I was once a non-government bureaucrat. It is not government bureaucrats who say that certain treatments will not be covered, and it is not the government that purges insurance rolls of the sick or the old, and it is not the government that makes money -- lots of money -- on health insurance. It is private enterprise.

And you can leave the "If you think health care is bad now, just wait until the government controls it!1!" argument at the door. Especially over the half-measure that is the public option.

If da gubb'ment can't run anything effectively, why are you scared of competing with them?


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