Monday, July 20, 2009

Round and Round

There's a lot of traffic talk in my life recently. There is the discussion of New Orleans' infrastructure (or lack thereof), most recently concerning the removal of I-10 from N. Claiborne Avenue. Meanwhile, on the Eastern side of my life, I hear complaints from St. Simons that the construction of the third Island City roundabout is causing traffic backups due to construction.

That's right folks, Island City is building their third roundabout. The bitching is loudest this time because the latest installment (at the roadhead of Kings' Way) is backing up traffic on the FJ Torras Causeway.

Thass what happens when you have one road leading onto your island, folks.

The first roundabout is miles north of my parents' house, so construction was easy and didn't have much impact. The roundabout at Frederica and Demere was replacing the busiest intersection and traffic bottleneck on St. Simons Island. But construction moved as quickly as possible, and now the benefits of having the roundabout more than make up for the trouble.

According to sources close to me that live on St. Simons, the current project is making people lose their minds. But I used to commute that way for work, and I can tell you that traffic always sucked at "rush hour."

At least now there's a rhyme to the reason. There is a reason communities build roundabouts at traffic bottlenecks. As New Orleans considers putting traffic into the city when the Interstate comes down, alternatives to left-turn intersections should be considered.


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