Saturday, August 22, 2009

That's a Wrap

Rising Tide IV is now in the books, but it is never over. I think a lot more of this conference showed up on Twitter than I know how to read, so I'm sticking with responses on the web that I can make sense of.

The Ashley Morris Memorial Excellence in Blogging 2009 award goes to Ashe Dambala at The American Zombie. Jacques Morial accepted the award on the Zombie's behalf, as AZ is an anonymous blogger. The acceptance was eloquent and is posted word for word on his blog. Another transcript and video can be seen on Humid City.

Maitri liveblogged the whole thing.

NOLAdishu has the highlights from Harry Shearer's keynote address.

You can catch a good run down of the politics panel at Suspect Device.

Updates will doubtless be continuous on The Rising Tide blog.

Finally, I cannot wait to see the summaries posted around the NOLAshpere, especially from insightful folks like Pistolette.

I know you wish your city had a conference like this, as Rising Tide has been an outstanding program year after year. Maybe next year I can get some of the other Hurricane Radio contributors to make it down to the show.


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