Monday, August 03, 2009

Civil Libertarians

So, if it is racist to say the cops acted stupidly with Gates, what is it when you say the cops acted unconstitutionally? What is it when you say it was wrong, and race had nothing to do with it?

And when you say things like this:

Efforts by the government beginning in the late 1960s to prosecute the “war” against drugs opened the door to a much-expanded sphere of control, within which the citizen’s ability to withstand government access to their private lives was greatly reduced. Court decisions in recent years had restored a degree of that lost privacy and curtailed at least some excesses of government power.

Unfortunately, the terrorist attacks eight years ago slammed the door on the re-emerging notion that there are limits to government snooping and control over the individual.

Who thinks the author of that statement is some moonbat leftist? You may be surprised by who this really is.


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