Monday, August 24, 2009


My Mom was telling me some rather ridiculous and unsolicited political jokes this weekend. I called to ask her about her week, and this is what I get. There are some rather important things to discuss, but this is what she wants to talk about.

She told me that she recieved the jokes on email, and scolded me for no longer having a "sense of humor." I asked her to forward them to me so I could post them here. I love exposing nonsense that is passed around the internets.

She asked me if I was going to report her to the "snitch line."

So now that my political conversations with my mother, tenuous during the best of times, have devolved into vocabulary I routinely heard from my at-risk 7th graders, I proposed that the phone call was, in fact, an intergalactic communication. Because she is obviously living on another planet.

I thought about that level of discourse while reading about JMac's strange encounter with a local business proprietor who disagreed with his politics.

I also think about how lucky I am to be able to converse reasonably about politics with SAWB, Dante and DADvocate.



DADvocate said...

converse reasonably

I'll have to put and end to that!!!


patsbrother said...

Don't worry. Apparently I already have!

Dante said...

One of my favorites:

A man and his wife were sitting in their sunroom reading the morning paper just after the September 11 attacks. The wife says to the husband, "I sure am glad we have Bush in office." The man sort of grumbles and goes back to reading, but the wife goes on. "I mean, he almost lost. And we certainly didn't vote for him. If he hadn't won, you know who would be in charge right now. I hate to even think of it." Finally the husband had enough and said, "Tipper, would you shut the hell up?"

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Next time, I'll have to write out the predicted responses in advance. I knew you'd say all that.

And Sprout, until you start conversing on actual issues instead of syntax and meta-content, your writing will always be considered more academic psychiatry than discourse.

patsbrother said...

Going back over the past three months, a sizeable majority of my comments have been substantive and not syntactical. I have no idea what you mean by meta-content, and I'm not entirely sure you do either.

And Pat. If you actually said what you meant and meant what you said on this blog, I would never have to use semantics to call you out on your crap.