Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Hand Account

Drifting Through the Grift reports from last night's health care town hall meeting in DeKalb County, Georgia. Civility and actual medical professionals discussing actual issues. What a novel concept. And huge props to Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson for making it happen in such a constructive way.

The AJC's Jay Bookman has a report as well.

Somewhat related, I bet the media really miss Cynthia McKinney. I can only imagine what a health care town hall would be like if she was running the show.



Dante said...

That would be fun. McKinney could hire meta-astroturfers to pretend to oppose health care reform in order to double-bluff a riot. Her dad could make anti-semitic remarks. She could spout off a few conspiracy theories about Sept. 11 and then call for the opening of any records related to the murders of King and Tupac to be part of the health insurance reform package. Yes, that would be magical...

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

In the dark recesses of my mind that craves nothing but screaming unreasonable conflict over politics, it would be magical indeed.