Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun With Tasers

At least Henry Louis Gates, Jr. didn't get tased during his arrest in Cambridge, Massachussetts. Other folks haven't been so lucky. This mother got tased and arrested because of her behavior during a traffic stop. One of the charges? "Disorderly conduct."

That charge just keeps popping up.

The video is a worthwhile watch, though it is a parade of moms and great-grandmothers and protesters and foreign nationals getting tased to the ground.

Some thoughts:

-I am surprised that more people did not sympathize with Gates' situation in the context of police overreactions elsewhere. Sgt. Crowley's during (not tasing Gates) and after action behavior make both men sympathetic figures, however, and it is hard to have a dog in that fight.

-The manufactured controversey that followed the Gates event had far more to do with Gates immediately citing "racism" than Gates actually being black. If he had cited "constitutional intrusions" instead, the event would have a whole different perception. This should demonstrate the relatively low cultural credibiliy of citing "racism" as the reasons behind any event.

-Who is responsible for training police in the use of tasers?

-Maybe instead of crime cameras that don't work, it would be a better investment to put dashboard cameras in NOPD cars.


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