Thursday, August 27, 2009

How To Destroy a School System

I meant to post this earlier in the week. Oh, if only all news stories were as well done as this one, newspapers wouldn't be a laughing stock.

Jefferson and co. did far more damage than $90,000 in a freezer. And what happened wasn't the fault of a single teacher, new or experienced. How scary is this? I'd wager you can find this type of behavior all around the country, but no one cares to look.

One other thing: when the prosecutions geared up, a lot of apologists claimed that this had something to do with race. That the white power structure was going after successful black citizens. Not much was made about how damaging this behavior was to the primarily at-risk black youth the defrauded school system served.

Progressives, Tea Party attendees, whoever you are, if you want to make government more effective, make sure your tax dollars aren't being wasted, ensure your community enjoys prosperity, and promote true equality - don't spend all your time complaining about all the national stuff far, far away. Go down the street to your local school board and start getting involved. It will provide the greatest return on your investment of time and activism.

(HT: American Zombie.)


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