Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Can Has Citationz?

Ariella Cohen wrote a fantastic article about communication in city government. She used for her example the problems of City Hall in New Orleans, but the issues and practices she discusses are relevant far beyond the boundaries of Orleans Parish. Further proof that it ain't about "small government vs. big government," it is all about "effective government."

I saw the article linked to on several blogs, and on even more Facebook pages, so you could tell it was getting some play and making the rounds. Those rounds took it all the way to New Orleans' City Hall, where this article absolutely ruffled some feathers.

A member of City Hall's communications team contacted Ms. Cohen about her sources and allegations. It complained of media falsehoods, bias, the lack of "fairness and balance" and demanded to know why she didn't attempt to contact members of the administration for comment.

You can read a copy of her clock-cleaning response over at Humid City. It is well worth the read.


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