Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Katrina Destroys United States

When I grew up, I knew deep in my heart that the only thing that could destroy the United States of America was the world ending. We'd already tried (and failed) to destroy oursleves. We'd won WWII going away. We'd put men on the moon just cause we didn't have enough to do in the 60's. The Berlin Wall had came down. The USSR had broken apart. The only things we had left to do were to save the whales, reverse the alienation brought on by the middle class moving to the suburbs and figure out how to use the giant cell-phone I kept in the car. We were scheduled to acheive perfect equality once the old generation took their victory lap, retired, and left us in charge of things.

Damn, I miss the Clinton years.

And you'd think that after surviving the Presidency of George W. Bush, we'd be breathing a big sigh of relief. To work in a college football reference, Not so fast, my friend.

If you like thought excercises, Slate is running a weeklong series on the End of the US of A. Complete with a choose your own apocalypse widget and a flip chart forecast of the four most likely scenarios.

How does the week start? With a Katrina reference (albeit the usual inaccurate reference we've come to expect from national media figures). But in an extrapolation of internal collapse there is this truism:

If you feel threatened from the outside, you band together—rather than tear the United States apart, 9/11 galvanized us against a common enemy. The laggard response to Hurricane Katrina, on the other hand, meant that our own government became the common enemy. A long, uninterrupted series of nationwide Katrinas—and a concomitant series of bungled federal responses—is the recipe for collapse.
(Emphasis mine - HR)


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