Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Keeping the Arts in School

Furthering its mission to confuse the public, the RSD is kicking the artists out of Colton School. Because enrollment for the fall exceeded excpectations and they need space. And yet nearly 180 teachers were released from employment yesterday. And Colton will soon be the home of two KIPP programs. The same KIPP program that runs McDonough 15 in the French Quarter with a... performing... arts... emphasis.

Really? After all the "schools only work when the community is involved" pedagogy classes I took in various Education programs, the people running the local education system that mandated me to take those classes ignores the lesson? Colton could currently benefit from more community involvement than almost any school in the system. It could serve as the hub for nearly all arts education in the RSD, a magnet for artistically inclined students, a resource in a subject woefully lacking in the rest of the LEAP-driven RSD.

Something that might give these kids an outlet besides fighting.

But, hey, let's just close it down. Why use homegrown resources to your advantage when you can keep banging your head into a wall?


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