Monday, August 24, 2009

Losing the Media Battle

Ready for all those infuriating, "why-didn't-they-help-themselves" posts by people elsewhere who are going to talk about the Katrina anniversary? I've got a good place for you to start.

Jeff at SWGA Politics has been watching Katrina programming on the Weather Channel and has this to say about the situation:

But I found something particularly disturbing about the footage that was shown, something I didn’t pick up on at the time as we were first seeing all these images come out.

Remember all those people waiting at the SuperDome and other locations throughout NOLA and surrounding areas? They were waiting for someone else – the government in particular – to come save them.

These people were either so delusional or so beaten down by their own government that they thought it was the government’s job to save them! Rather than taking action on their own to get themselves OUT of the situation they found themselves in, they sat there and waited to be “rescued” by the government!

The comments section is a must read, also.

Many, many thanks to GriftDrift for both pointing out the post in the first place, and effectively defending history in his own right.



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