Monday, August 10, 2009

Money Quote

You know, we've been so distracted by these town hall revelers who insist that screaming and shoving others are "free speech," that I almost forgot to make some links about the actual health care dialouge. You remember the health care dialouge don't you? It was what we had before public temper tantrums started showing up on youtube and requiring the presence of platoons of security.* Clever little disorderlies...

Luckily, Cynthia Tucker hits on the most important and fundamental point of the whole health care debate:

The health care market doesn’t function like the market for automobiles or artichokes or flat-screen TVs. If you don’t like the price, you just don’t buy. But you walk away from expensive health insurance at your own risk.

*(Though you can bet Rep. Johnson's attempts to accomodate hundreds more than the space was designed to hold will be ignored to feed the continual right-wing narrative of Dems "silencing free speech and disagreement.")


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Dante said...

No, but health insurance does function like markets for any "necessary" commodity (water, food, gasoline, electricity). You have to buy it but you're not stuck with one seller. Unfortunately, we've used tax code and existing law to create a system where the primary buyer is your employer. The only thing health insurance reform (which is all that's really on the table) will do is make the primary buyer either the government or your employer.