Tuesday, August 11, 2009


EJ fires a broadside regarding levee policy and history. This one is a must-read, and will require a great deal of thought moving forward.

(HT: Judy B at Thanks Katrina)



patsbrother said...

The two longest comments made on the linked post are both against the idea of sharing the blame, with one coming from Levees.org, with which the post takes issue.

I note that neither of the people who made these comments mentioned anything about sharing the responsibility for the future or about the people of the New Orleans area becoming more involved or proactive in seeing that that the needs of the area are met from now on. For example, I do not recall either mentioning community involvement in facilitating the six-foot land buffers or the removal of trees along the levees.

The set of facts alleged in the post does seem to indicate that both the City and its people were factors in creating the sad state of affairs pre-Katrina. However, I don't know the facts, so I'm not going to jump to any conclusions.

What bothers me is that those two comments focused exclusively on the Blame Game (really, four years later?), whereas the actual post appears to discuss blame only insofar as it is necessary to modify behavior for the better.

If Levees.org and the individual who commented stand for any change in behavior outside of the Corps, they have done a poor job of conveying that stance.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Well, those two posters have websites, blogs, and public organizations that give the reader information about involvement and their respective positions. They've been conveying their stances (agree or disagree) since the storm & the flood.

It has been a rather important discussion, one that I've attempted to touch upon here on this site every so often.

As for the "four years" thing. Tell that to the folks still fighting their insurance companies, trying to fix their houses.

Tim said...

Yeah, it's getting rough over there. Well what do you expect from people who cite Harry Shearer as their authority on hurricanes.



New Orleans Ladder said...

Oh for goodness sakes what a playground.
Tim, are you referring now to the Rising Tide Conference when you say, "Well what do you expect from people who cite Harry Shearer as their authority on hurricanes."???
Say it ain't so, Timmy!

I have A Daily Blog. A good portion of what I do with it is go after ASCECORPS Spin, like here, the T-P or wherever I find it. I learned that from Harry Shearer. Confront the BS. Put it in the trash. He is nice about it, while I am not. Sorry, but I can't stand ASCECORPS PR.

However I am not the only one by a long shot (and neither is levees.org --of which I am not a member) as you can read in Jarvis DeBerry's piece yesterday, where he addresses this very issue of ASCECORPS Spin'filtration of the Story of The Flood.

And for Pat's whole family, for me our future success is a given, since either we hang together or we all shall surely drown seperately, and btw...
the name's
Editilla~New Orleans Ladder
Sinn Féin

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Howdy, Editilla,

Welcome to our playground. I couldn't describe it better myself. All we do here at Hurricane Radio is spin stuff for the USACoE! Only victims are to blame on this weblog. We couldn't be more supportive of the USACoE if they paid us cash money to do it.

They won't. I asked them, but they just couldn't support someone who also worked at Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters.

Like the conservative commentors on this blog will tell ya, when I'm not spinning CoE PR, I'm engaging in partisan hackery for the Obama administration.

I'm just a busy bee, but something's gotta pay the bills, as you can see all the advertising on this site.

< / Sarcasm >

Sorry. There's my knee jerk reaction again. It isn't a very productive means of communication.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Hey Pat,
check out all the advertising on my site too. Not a dime. Please read the "Crucifixion Road" all the way down on the right side.
That's where I come from, Pat.
I know exactly what y'all do here, which is why you have been on my list of Stitch'hikas since perhaps y'alls first post.
I'm not attacking y'all.
I'm after the Spin and it has led me here.
I am getting increasingly tired of having to pay twice for it too: first when Ruppert cashes his paycheck and then again here where he has to refer to me behind my back, like a rumor'punk in a school yard, all in the service of his Exquisite Corps and to the furtherance of this Wrong Meme, this Framing of the Shrew, this Mother of Tall Tale.
At least you had the ova to respond,thus I really am sorry that you think I am attacking you.
Imma killa'moth
attracted to the game
show me a reason
and I'll walk the flame.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Yeah, we're all gettin' rich off this New Orleans blogging thing, aren't we?

I'm still wondering where this "spin" you speak of is, but I will have to wait until after the Saints game to find it.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Silly Who'dat!
Black and Gold For Ever!
Editilla the Pun