Friday, August 14, 2009

Picking Apart Death Panels

Your commuter click for the day takes you to the New York Times, a publication I generally dislike, as they pick apart the "death panel" arguments and their origins.

I used to be sympathetic to critics of the House health plans. I could see where they were coming from on points of policy. We disagreed, don't get me wrong, and we could make snappy comments back and forth, but it was a reasonable discussion.

But at this point, since the same people who are saying we can't afford it are also saying it creates death panels, I am starting to view all their claims with the same credibility rating - zero.

You want to act like the crazly lefties who said Bush was a Nazi and Cheney controled the weather and the PATRIOT Act was going to get all dissidents thrown in Guantanamo? Ok. I'm will extend the same credit rating to you that I ascribed to them - zero.

This is terribly unfortunate, since I prefer discussing policy more rationally. Especially among friends who I know don't believe the garbage, but who oppose the plan reasonably.


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