Monday, August 03, 2009

Seven Months & Change

After looking at the comments to the previous post, I'd like to take this moment to revist a few points. Number one, during the last election, I told everyone who would listen that either candidate, McCain or Obama, would be better than the previous 8 years. I still feel absolutely vindicated. I think about all the crises Obama has had to face in his first 7 months & change in office, and I like to think about how Ol' Dubya would have responded to them. That picture ain't pretty.

And kudos to the opposition party, who has been able to almost completely erase the last 8 years from the collective memory. This has worked out so well for y'all, I think you may have thrown the last election just to pin all these problems on the new guy. In reality, I think it says a lot that so many people have moved on so quickly. Our American popular culture does not like to learn lessons or self evaluate in the face of consequences. Especially when there are enough neocons still around to call people traitors, terrorist sympathizers or soft on national defense.

Second, the Obama administration has only been here 7 months and change. It takes time to change momentum, especially in a nation as large and dynamic and complex as this one. Moreso if that nation is in an economic freefall.

I'll admit, this administration has lost a lot of luster for me, personally. I wanted to see different things (infrastructure, education, health care) and the GOP initiated/Dem blamed Wall Street bailouts chafe. But guess what? The direction is a hell of a lot closer to what I want to see than anything over the last 8 years or anything proposed by the current GOP.

From defending deplorable actions by the past administration to their "tireless" work to get C. Ray Nagin re-elected, the GOP and their mouthpieces have lost almost all credibility with me. Y'all had your 8 (more like 14) years to get stuff done.

Now, I'm going to give the new guy a lot longer than 7 months and change to define himself.



patsbrother said...

Pat, last year you were also entirely unable to explain to me why then-candidate Obama was the shiznat. All you were able to cook up was "he's a totally different kind of politician," which is a position I have yet to understand.

Sidenote: despite what you may believe, the Legislature is the branch of government that controls the purse strings, writes the laws, and comes up with the nation's main policies. This is about the eighth time you've referred to the Supreme Rule of the Unholy Republicans recently as lasting through 2008. You blather on about how quickly Americans forget things, and yet you seem to forget that Pelosi and Reid have been the Grand Poombas of Congress since shortly after the 2006 elections. They became Grand Poombas, you may remember, when their party took over Congress. Please stop glossing over this. If you really expect me to believe that then-President Bush, a lame duck with a 30% approval rating, wielded power from on high during those years, you're a far sight crazier than one might otherwise have imagined.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

No, I refer to the GOP control of Congress from 1994 to 2006, and yes, I add on 2 more years for the final throes of Ol' Dubya's Imperial Presidency. I have also said, again and again, that I am unhappy with Reid & Pelosi.

I have tried again and again to explain to you why I think Obama will make a fine president. I have tried again and again to explain to you why this administration has lost luster but is not a disappointment.

It is not my fault that you disregard my reasonings or hold them in low esteem. I have always been able to explain why I do or do not favor our leaders based on policy or political decisions they make. I was not some teeny bopper bandwagon jumper who simply thought Obama would wave a wand and turn back all our problems. If you think so, you may ask our banker friend John how long ago I called Obama's rise to the Presidency.

patsbrother said...

No, seriously Pat, we had this conversation on my balcony at River Mill last spring. You kept reiterating that Obama was, like, a totally new and different kind of politician. That was it: that was your reasoning. I wanted desparately to understand but you gave me nada.

I have never thought you were "some teeny bopper bandwagon jumper who simply thought Obama would wave a wand and turn back all our problems." You were some teeny bopper bandwagon jumper who simply thought Obama could get elected.

Further, I don't care one wit if you don't like Pelosi or Reid. That just makes you human. However, that does not change the fact that we had a Democratic Congress for two years before President Obama's inauguration, a Democractic party in ascendance, and one lame-duck persona non grata in the White House. Again, stop referring to those two years -- over and over -- as though Republicans reigned supreme.