Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Deny Healthcare to GOP

I put this link up on my Facebook feed a few days ago, but I'll post it here for those who have "hidden" my obnoxious social media feed (that, and I get more than 140 characters here).

Big HT to JMac at Beyond the Trestle, who has written about this issue twice.

Let me say this, and I'll be brief. I am a very lucky individual in my conservative friends because they tend to hold and write about their legitimate gripes with a range of issues, including the healthcare debate. Hell, I have legitimate gripes about the current bills as written, but there is rarely the need for hyperbole in honest discussion and debate.

If even I have legitimate concerns, and my conservate friends have no trouble voicing theirs, why does the RNC feel the need to traffic in bull?

GOP voters might be discriminated against for medical treatment in a Democrat-imposed health-care rationing system.
W. T. F?

Mr. Steele, your base is secure. They are fired up. People like my Mother will never, ever vote for the Democrats. They are not the people you need to keep appealing to. They appeal to themselves with their wacko email chain jokes.

Listen, this country needs a robust conservative party to keep folks on my side of the aisle in check. After the last 8 years of "we will be greeted as liberators" and "Heckuva job, Brownie," you guys have some credibility issues. That's why y'all didn't get a whole lot of positive, conservative work done between 1994 and 2008.

The way you win elections (and this is true for Democrats, too) should not be based on the other side screwing up so bad you get the nod by default. That's why most people consider themselves "independents." Please stop making things up and get back to legitimate policy differences.

Thank you.


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