Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hate the Game

So yesterday, the US Senate overwhelmingly decided to end several US contracts or grants with an organization under investigation for illegal activities that many citizens morally deplorable.

No, not Blackwater or whatever name they go by now, but ACORN.

Y'all know ACORN, they're the individuals who, according to Glenn Beck, blew up the levees in New Orleans to cover up their part in government corruption. Personally, I'm glad we're finally investigating and taking action against the organization responsible for the flooding of New Orleans.

But the vote to remove funding for ACORN was not unanimous, several Senators did not vote to remove funding, for one reason or another. I'd bet you'd be surprised to find out that one of those who DID NOT VOTE TO REMOVE MONEY FROM ACORN was Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter. Oyster at YRHT walks you through just a few of the reasons why.


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