Monday, September 14, 2009

Pop Quiz

To what city during what time does this quote apply?

Our police force is undersized and underfunded. Our guardian of truth, the flagship newspaper, is struggling to survive and its cracks caused by cuts are starting to show (note how many times a crime story appears with the same byline). Our public transit routinely begs to any public agency who will listen. Our public hospital, once again, had to walk hat in hand to the [local government] to plead for a few more months survival.

Do you give up?

The author is the proprietor of Drifting Through the Grift and he's talking about Atlanta, Georgia, today.

I used to hear a lot of folks say they wanted to turn New Orleans into Atlanta. Sounds like folks in Atlanta had the opposite idea. In truth, this lament could be written about any number of our nation's great cities. We spend an awful lot of time playing up the differences, maybe because it is too heartbreaking to see that we are most similar in the problems that we share.



jeffrey said...

Maybe they're having their "NOLA moment"

DADvocate said...

It be interesting to check all the numbers. I checked the numbers for the police department being undersized. NOT!

Sworn officers per 10,000 in Atlanta - 35. Other cities I checked: NOLA - 34; Cincinnati - 31; Knoxville - 23; Nashville - 22. The National average for cities with police departments with 100 or more employees - 17.8 (I don't think I missed anything). Bureau of Justice statistics.

I became aware of this issue recently because Cincinnati was planning on laying off some police and the numbers came out that Cinci has more police per 10,000 than most other large cities.

Somebody just wants more money.