Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The "R" Word

What a month it has been for racial harmony. Between people examining the secret racial overtones of the Kanye West and Rep. Joe Wilson outbursts, the far more overt racial overtones of the "Atlanta Needs a Black Mayor" memo, and the "People Who Look Like Me" congressional seat in Memphis, I didn't think it could get much worse.

Then we have today.

To start, a white student gets beaten by two black students on a St. Louis bus. It gets picked up by the Drudge Report, beginning the sensationalism.

Not a few hours later, news comes across the wire that an Army Reservist was beaten in front of her 7 year old daughter by a man who repeatedly used racial slurs as he kicked her.

Expect to hear more about these two incidents in the coming days, and all the cultural baggage that comes along with them. As all things in our society these days, there is video footage of both incidents. The school bus beating is violent and brutal, a parent's worst nightmare no matter what the race of the attackers. It will provoke quite an emotional reaction. The Cracker Barrell beating includes video yet to be released, but will show a man beating a woman of another race while her daugther looks on. I'm sure it, too, will provoke quite an emotional reaction.

As with most "discussions" on race that we have as a nation, I'm expecting the worst sort of sensationalism.



DADvocate said...

Yes, quite a day. I can't wait to blog about this. I'm working on ideas for the most outlandish headline I can think of now.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Well, you'd better get to work, because there are a few doozies out there.

Including the revisionist and lunatic title: "So this is what happens when we have a black president."