Friday, September 18, 2009


"Memories are meant to fade. They're designed that way for a reason." -Mace Mason

But let's not get memories confused with history. Thing is, we're still fighting over the history of the last 8 years, and I remember plenty of it.

Drifting through the Grift raises a similar point.

My gut has been telling me there is something different about what is happening with Obama and what happened with George Bush in his later years.

He points us to This reminder at the Daily Dish, and wonders if so much manufactured outrage by the right is disingenuous. While it is intellectual bankruptcy to say that anyone who disagrees with you is a racist, it is also intellectual bankruptcy to say that just because you disagree, the other side is going to think you are racist. The whole national dialouge becomes a "chicken or the egg" conversation where people try to define what level of racist people who disagree with each other are without actually having to examine legitimate disagreements.

The whole name calling misadventure leads us to an end where
We've reached the existential moment where fear of the unknown or ignorance of the known is not only seen as rational political thought but a reason to proudly thump one's chest and declare patriotism.

And that is a dangerous, dangerous place to be.



DADvocate said...

I'm not sure what the point here is. People get wrongfully arrested all to often, as my father was in 1970 protesting the appearance of Richard Nixon at a Billy Graham crusade being held at Neyland Stadium at U.T. Indeed, I wish we could have gotten $80,000 for that.

Glenn Reynolds and Rush Limbaugh predicted the possibility of racism accusations before Obama was elected. They were right. The prediction was no great leap as the left has a long history of screaming false accusations of racism at every opportunity. It's an effective tool for keeping the blacks in the left's plantation as well as avoiding real issues such as budget deficits far beyond what Bush ever imagined but liberals want to point out rather than what's currently happening.

One thing more important that history is what's happening now and the left doesn't want anyone looking at that as the current administration's handling of the economy, protection of our freedoms, commitment to transparency, keeping promises has been abysmal during it's short tenure.

Drifting, Sullivan, maybe you just want to ignore the current situation and talk about the past through their own prism which filters out anything they don't like. Talking about reality, rather than history, would be a better starting point.

BTW - the Reynolds arrested at that Billy Graham crusade was Glenn Reynolds' father.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

The prediction was no great leap.

Exactly, but now we have intellectually bankrupt individuals arguing with other intellectually bankrupt individuals about who is the more intellectually bankrupt. And it is taking up far too much oxygen in the national dialouge.

As for the "this is what actually happened" stuff of history, Bush got a lot of criticism over the last 8 years, and some of it was in hyperbole. I say this even as I disagreed with almost every single one of his policies.

But during those years, the right wing consistently highlighted fringe organizations with the least clout and the most extreme statements as representative of the rest of the opposition legitimately calling into question Administration behaviors. As a member of the opposition, I was called "baby killer," "terrorist sympathizer" and was called out for "warring against Christmas" on several occasions.

Now, the right wing is using the behavior of those fringe organizations to justify their own hyperbolic and extreme statements against this administration.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

And to continue this thought, one of my personal experiences I keep going back to was my being detained by authorities three times during the course of the G8 Summitt on Sea Island a few years ago.

I was detained and questioned and told to cease and desist my behaviors because I was walking around in public with a camera.

I was NOT protesting, and I was on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ISLAND from where the summit was taking place. I do not like to speculate on such things, but I can only wonder what security's reaction would have been if I was walking about with anything that even resembled a firearm.

That's the double standard so many folks are talking about.
Millions to protest the war? = no media coverage.
Tea Party with tens of thousands? = constant media coverage.
Protest Bush? = arrested or tasered.
Protest Obama while carrying firearms? = scolded by left leaning pundits who are then called un-American by right-leaning pundits.

And then we get told that there is some sort of liberal bias in the media, and that pointing out these observations make us reverse racists.

Clifton said...

Lets have a drink or three and talk about this one day.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Cliff, I'm in any night but saturday.