Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Streetcars We Desire

All three of these ideas are good ones. Streetcars to the Convention Center, the UPT and up to the Marigny and Bywater. Are these shovel ready projects?

The streetcar to the UPT allows me to get waay ahead of myself. First of all, that's the first step to expanding streetcars into Central City, which is very important if we are ever to get sustained investment and revitalization of that neighborhood.

Even further ahead, in the "Take I-10 down over N. Claiborne" stream-of-consciousness line of thinking, I'd like to see some ideas floated about a multi-modal transportation center (like the one they have in Athens) in the Amtrak staging area north of Claiborne and east of Calliope/Earhart. Any such structure could also incorporate deck parking near the Dome and greenspace for tailgating.


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GentillyGirl said...

I like the Athens concept, but I alwqays look back to S.F.'s Muni/ BART systems.