Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beer Blogging in New Orleans

Phase one of my self-prescribed UGA vs. Tennessee result recovery was to go have some food for the soul. Since I was already Uptown, I rolled down Oak Street to Squeal BBQ. I prepared to rip apart a fantastic pulled pork sandwich, when I struck up a conversation with a stranger at the bar. About beer. And crazy college behavior. And football (and rugby). And prosthetic limbs. And goalposts. And, blogging about beer.

Recovery underway.

Which reminds me I have to do some more restaurant reviews on this site. Soon. As soon as I can get this out of my head.



Leigh C. said...

Nice beer blogging find! Especially since it seems to have a yen for a watering hole in my 'hood.

I'd say Go Big Orange, but I know that's just too cruel.

Matt said...

It was a good chat at the bar. Thanks for the blog link.

I just finished brewing up a batch of milk stout that smells delicious already. That won't be ready for at least 3 weeks, but we'll have to get together for another beer soon.

Matt @