Friday, October 23, 2009

Fox in the Henhouse

More folks are giving Fox News the business this week.

At any other network, accusation of bias might even lead to some soul-searching and behavioral adjustment. At Fox, by contrast, complaints of unfairness prompt only hoots of derision and demands for "evidence" and "proof," which when presented is brushed off and ignored.

But Fox News finds an unlikely fan in the form of JMac at Beyond the Trestle.

In the end, I think we ought to just call Fox News what it really is, which is a very savvy business model that has a built-in base of viewers and guaranteed ad revenues.

What really works is simply not watching the 24 hour news cycle, and its all encompassing focus on Washington D.C., New York City, and today's scandal du jour. At this point, news is so infused with useless punditry that I get more information I didn't previously know from the likes of Lou Holtz and Mark May on College Football Gameday. I have more important things to do than watch talking heads make fun of other talking heads at rival networks while calling the conversation "news."


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