Sunday, October 11, 2009

Others Receiving Votes

disillusion vb to leave without illusion or naive faith and trust

Some of y'all may have heard the news from Saturday. No, not about LSU's respectable home loss to Florida (though I know that hurts). Take heart Tigerland, it could be worse. It could be so much worse. You could running interventions to talk your fanbase back from the ledge.

My purple and gold clad neighbors, you may have to enjoy the good natured ribbing from other SEC fanbases about your gameday attire or your inexplainable association with corn dogs, but you will never have to face the ignonimy and ridicule of being in the fanbase of the first SEC school to lose to head coach Lane Kiffin.

Rubbing giant rocks of kosher salt in this wound is the classiness of the Tennessee fans I know (Like DADvocate, and Leigh C.) who will make it impossible for me to boil up enough misdirected anger to take out frustrations any way other than wondering what ails the previously elite college football program I root for.

So this week is recovery week. Taking inspiration from Bulldog in Exile, who titled a post after a highly appropriate Drive By Trucker's lyric, my recovery will dwell deeply in music. If Tennessee is going to beat us like it is 1990-something, I'm going to go to that old medicine cabinet of angsty, angry, introspective sounds that got me through middle school, high school and the Jim Donnan years at UGA.



Leigh C. said...

Oh, go ahead and burn a UT car flag in effigy. You know you wanna.

DADvocate said...

previously elite college football program

Well said. I thought Georgia had a good coach, but losing to Lane/Monty Kiffin? A disgrace.