Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stormy Monday

Parkway Bakery

Rain ain't unusual in New Orleans. Especially this year. But I haven't seen a gully washer like this for a while. Alli, Kim and I enjoyed some dinner at Slice on St. Charles, and ended up sittin' for a bit because the rain was so heavy outside. It didn't last for too long, so I didn't think there'd be any problem getting home.

How wrong I was.

My shortcut between Calliope/Earhart to Jefferson Davis Parkway was a lake. Jeff Davis itself was awash, and though I might have made it, I didn't want my wake to inundate cars nearby. Looking into the outflow canal once I was on Earhart, the water was less than a foot below the top of the floodwall. I had to turn around, figuring that Carrollton would be flooded, too.

Broad was clear, but almost every side street from the pump station to Orleans was pooled. On Orleans, all the cars were up on the neutral groun (well, most of them) and I took my turn testing the depths of the street, again, driving slowly to avoid casting a wake into the houses and businesses fronting the curb.

I got home and, after checking my roommate's car for damage (none), I set off on foot to get some pictures. The water stuck around for a very long time. Though there was a swift current pulling it to the pump station, I had to wonder: did the drainage pumps not sync up with the lakeshore pumps? Is that what caused this much backup? Or did we really just have that much rain while I ate my pasta?


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