Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Voting Republican Again?

Dammit. Looks like I might be voting for a Republican candidate again soon. This happens almost every time I go to a voting booth.

I mean, I identify as a Democratic Party member. I'm registered as a Democratic voter. I've been a participating member of a County Democratic Party back in Georgia. I try to be as big a partisan hack that I can in everything I do, as evidenced by my moonbat ravings on this blog. I discreetly work at Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters.

And yet.

I don't see any party affiliation listed on her campaign website. But from what I hear, she's GOP. We'll have to see.

Because I'd much rather have positive, real action like this than deal with nonsense like this. Regardless of party affiliation.



patsbrother said...
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patsbrother said...

Names change.

What used to be called Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters changed its name to "Congress" in January 2007 and then to "the White House" in Junuary 2009.

Which brings us to our Linda Richman moment: Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters are neither super nor secret.


(But at least you have that whole "takeover" thing down. If only y'all had stopped with politics.)

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

If you think "Half-Measure Nancy" and "Reno Harry" have anything to do with Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters, it is further proof that our media control mechanisms are doing their jobs keeping you misled.

You probably also think I really drive around NOLA in my 4Runner instead of being shuttled around in my black limosine surrounded by crack ACORN bodyguards.

You are not ready for what will come. Mwu Hah Hah Ha-Haaah

DADvocate said...

If you never vote outside of a party, you might as well throw away your brain. Last year my older sister, 60 at the time, voted for a Republican for the first time. You can't tell me that for 40 years no other Republican in any race did not deserve her vote over his/her Democratic opponent. Despite being well informed, she, obviously, conveniently disregarded any information contrary to her preconceptions in the past.