Monday, November 23, 2009

Charter Schools ARE Better

They catch corruption quicker than public schools.

Maybe this complex and elusive "audit" concept, coupled with real, professional "accountants," can be used in other areas where government money or resources are involved. The ramifications of this discovery could be endless.

You could probably head off a lot of school system waste this way. Like when a staffer is using state vehicles for personal travel. Or when the human resources continues to pay individuals who no longer work for them, at the expense of individuals who do work for them. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in savings we could find, if only we apply "audits" and "accountants" across the board.

Hell, do you think this concept could work when applied to other government functions, not just in education?

I'm glad we have charter schools around as laboratories for best practices. We never would have figured this out on our own.

Next week: Will a charter school prove that the use of Excel spreadsheets can keep you better organized? What about calendars for the planning of future events? Can email speed communication? Stay tuned!



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