Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Indexing Rogue

More fodder for Sarah "Media Hate Me" Palin's "Media Hate Me" narrative: Slate creates an index for her newly released book.

I'll have to print this out and run to Borders, just to verify the accuracy and/or context of a few things. Like:

Rock, Kid
________approval of as "pro-America" with "common sense ideas", 300

I mean, I have to know how this fits into her American life story.

(Sprout, let me know if you pick up a copy of this tome and please, please, please review it on your blog.)



Maitri said...

Favorite assessment from Lindsay Beyerstein: "The bottom line is that Palin's a clown. She doesn't get a pass because her chosen clown persona is stereotypically feminine."

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

True. Luckily, SNL has done much to expose her as the clown she is. This is also the basis for the Palin/Nagin 2012 - Chocolate Moose Party idea.