Friday, November 13, 2009

One Hell of a Law & Order Episode

So, they're bringing the terrorists to New York for trial.

The biggest complaint from the neocon right? This decision will make the United States a target for future terrorist attack. Because invading two countries, secret prisons, and interrogations that are widely considered torture "kept us safe."

Actually prosecuting the terrorists? Too dangerous, they say. Can't have it.

You know, the neocons had many, many years to send these individuals up the river with military tribunals or courts martial. Justice could have already been done, and we'd be arguing the legal ramifications of it.

Instead, these terrorists have been sitting around in Cuba, neither "prisoners of war" nor "criminals" but "enemy combatants," a dithering legal definition cooked up by the deciders of Cheney and Bush to undermine international law as well as our own Constitution.

Because any intelligence of a clear and present danger to the United States and her allies was given up long ago, or has a utility so diminished as to be laughable weighed against the interests of the persuit of justice. So why wait, let's get on with the trial that had to happen at some point. Because it would have happened at some point. Nobody is going to forget who these guys are and what they did.

It is time the families had a little justice.

Trying the case in civilian court? I don't know how wise that is, I can only hope Holder doesn't screw this up, but I have to have faith. We squared away the Oklahoma City bomber. We handled the terrorists who tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993. We've handled domestic terrorist organizations like the Klan and the Mob. And, though we used international courts, we've rid ourselves of plenty war criminals through legal means.

This ain't our society's first rodeo, is what I'm sayin'.

The problem, is how the past administration dithered on what to do with these individuals. Any decision could have been made, and the ramifications would now be academic. Instead, they just kept them around, waiting for some solution to present itself to fix this problem.

Now it is the new administration's problem. This is the change we voted for, the end of half-measures and the return to acting boldly and trusting in our laws.


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