Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Provincial Education

Barrow County principal forces resignation of 24 year old, female teacher for having private Facebook page, engaging in normal adult behavior and posting about it. And he tried to do it in an underhanded way. No mention of any job-related performance issues, this is completely related to her private life.

In a just world, this principal would be have his job immediately terminated because he obviously is not focused on what actually goes on at his school, and is spending too much time stalking his employees on Facebook.

In other news, right-wing darling, victim of left-wing agenda, morally upstanding role model Carrie Prejean admits to making suggestive video for an ex-boyfriend while she was 17 years old, but adds publicly that she was not engaged in "sex" on tape.



Dante said...

Underhanded is the name of the game in Barrow County. I know a certain fully qualified, credentialed teacher who was offered a position in Barrow and then had the offer withdrawn so they could hire the Superintendent's daughter who only had provisional TAPP (Georgia's business-to-teaching program) credentials, which is an outright violation of TAPP requirements.

That being said, teachers do get held to a higher standard in their private lives. I know it's not fair, but it's part of the job. They're role models and teachers must live up to basic societal norms in their school districts. If they don't, they put their job at risk.

A principal isn't going to sit around and "stalk" teachers on Facebook. Even if it's a personal vendetta, a principal can fire whomever he pleases by hammering a teacher on their eval and not renewing their contract. You do that right and you can have them gone by the end of first semester. If a principal is taking on the hassle of suspending or asking for a resignation from a teacher after the year has already started without a performance-based reason to back them up, then someone is pushing the principal into it. Either there are some parents upset about the public display of drinking and foul language or the Barrow County Superintendent's daughter has a younger sibling. And quite frankly, the former is more than enough reason to at least suspend a teacher in these parts. That's why you'll note that the teacher is fighting this based on the underhandedness, not the actual punishment.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

They're role models and teachers must live up to basic societal norms in their school districts. If they don't, they put their job at risk.

Yes, I understand that no one in Barrow County, Georgia drinks beer or wine or uses the word "bitch." But this is why we have "labor laws" and "due process."

someone is pushing the principal into it. Yeah, you right. I was using the "Facebook stalker" meme to demonstrate how silly and arbitrary this sounds to me.

One would wish that Barrow County superintendents, school board members or parents would spend more time pushing their principal to higher academic standards for the kids, rather than messing with teachers because of their private lives.

SHAME on anyone who is petty enough to push a principal to make a move like this, for any reason. And SHAME on the principal for caving to unreasonable pressure.

I hope the lawsuit wins for thousands and thousands of dollars.