Tuesday, November 10, 2009

With a Wail of Sirens

An amazing post and touching read by Icarus at Peach Pundit. If there is only one link on this post you read, that should be the one.

Tip of the hat to Drifting Through the Grift.

Contrast that well thought out post to the rage you hear from others. We're going to read a lot of filth and hear a lot of bile on the radio in the coming days. The tragedy at Ft. Hood provides just another opportunity for right-wing demagouges to engage in the inferred justifications that drive their ratings and sell their advertising.

"The shooter is a Muslim therefore he is a terrorist," the meme will read. He may yet prove to be a terrorist, but his actions and motives will demonstrate that, not the religion he was born into.

In the end, I think that his psychological profile will likely demonstrate eerie similarities with such indivudals as Klebold & Harris, Cho, Zinkhan, Whitman. This killer, like so many, found some justifcation for violence in his internal dialouge, and he would have found it had he been born Protestant, Catholic, Jew or had become atheist. Ostracism, the perception of failure in the personal life, the warning signs unheeded, those who knew him looking back and wondering why they didn't say anything.

When I saw the Ft. Hood headline, I could almost write the profile down without looking. What religion or ideology do these justifications come wrapped in? How will this killer rationalize his actions? Call it "terrorism" if it helps you sleep better at night, ignoring the similarities between every other shooting spree our nation goes through year after year. What matters is the action, taking the lives of those who were going about their day a moment before, in the safety and routine of just another day.

What's worse, as soon as I heard the religion of the attacker, I could have written down the right-wing response just as quickly. Turn on almost any radio, pundit show or website, and you'll see it. You'll hear it. This broken record is skipping again. Hell, the interwebs are already drowning in sewage.

Because that's how we like to treat problems in our country - oversimplification, rationalization, and generalization followed by demonization of any who try to investigate any deeper. Heaven forfend we should ever look at something terrible, examine the circumstances and try to figure out what went wrong.

Monsters were always monsters, right?



Leigh C. said...

Also a good one to read, not to mention a good blog:


DADvocate said...

Liberals demonstrated the same sort of inferred justification when the guy shoot up the Unitarian church in Knoxville. They were blaming Hannity, O'Reilly, Christianity, etc.

BTW - Whitman had a brain tumor which my have contributed to his actions more than any psychological profile.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

@DAD - Yeah, you right. But that meme doesn't have nearly as much traction as the "he is a Muslim therefore a terrorist" narrative, though it is as absurd.

Hence how quickly the "Fox News made him do it" meme was dismissed as bunk outside highly partisan circles.

(I wonder if Whitman's brain tumor affected his neurochemistry in ways similar to that which the psychology affected the others? )