Wednesday, December 09, 2009

GOP for Nagin (con't)

Meanwhile, in Chocolate Moose Party news, let us consider the fact, ONCE AGAIN*, that the GOP had a huge hand in Nagin's 2006 reelection. You can talk about busing evacuated voters in from Atlanta and Houston all you want, so long as you mention the GOP's behavior in the same breath.

One of the architects of that strategy even went on to become the current national leader of the Young Republicans. She used the Nagin election, and her work on it, to prove her colorblind bonafides after several Obama jokes on her Facebook page called her racial sensitivity into question.

Nagin's got plenty of "outsider" popularity as a "run government like a business" candidate...

* (Because I am never, ever, ever going to let my Republican-leaning friends forget this one.)


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oyster said...

Thanks for the kind link, Pat.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.