Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Long vs. Palin

A University of Georgia professor examines the similarities between Huey Long and Sarah Palin. His thesis is that both are populists who did/will move their respective parties to the left/right. Though allowances are made to Long & Palin's respective differences:

The analogy is not exact. Huey Long was by many accounts a brilliant thinker and politician. Former President and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Howard Taft proclaimed him to be one of the finest legal minds he had ever encountered. Sarah Palin has yet to exude intellectual brilliance.

I still maintain that Palin shares far more similarities to a different Louisiana populist: Mayor C. Ray Nagin of New Orleans. (Chocolate Moose Party! 2012!)

Update 4:30pm: I forgot to add a link to Christopher Hitchens' spot on Palin's Dangerous Populism.



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jeffrey said...

".. has yet to exude intellectual brilliance"

Yes we are waiting with bated breath for that. Actually I think Miss Yet To Exude Intellectual Brilliance was one of the pageant titles Palin won.